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AUM- The word where one finds peace.


It is widely believed that Aum was the first sound that resonated when the universe was created. Thus as a symbol, it occupies a unique place in spirituality. Aum (or commonly referred as “OM”) is also one of the fundamental symbols used in the yoga tradition too.  The word Aum itself is a powerful sound, and the power lies within us, and thus it helps us to discover the inner strength that lies within all of us.

According to Chandogya Upanishad, OM is Brahman, the enduring consciousness. It is also inhabited by the trinity that if you meditate OM all your conflicts and inner chaos disappears. As per yoga and other scriptures, the letter OM states the three gunas (values).

A: tamas, it signifies darkness and ignorance (waking state)

U: rajas, it signifies passion, activity and dynamism (dream state)

M: sattva, it signifies purity, truth, and light (state of deep sleep)

OM is a sacred spiritual incantation made before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, during puja and prayers. Om came to use as a standard utterance at the beginning of mantras or citations taken from the Vedas. Chanting of OM is basically done by closing of eyes and followed by the breathing exercise.

Benefits of chanting OM

Chanting of OM can help in detoxifying the body and mind. It helps in increasing your concentration level and helps in enhancing your focus. Chanting OM will have better control over feelings and emotions. It is also said that OM or AUM chanting creates a good impact on the spinal cord of a person. The vibration created during chanting improves the efficiency of the spinal cord.

Chanting OM can enhance alertness and also mental awareness increases. Continuous meditation helps in enhancing creativity, increases the energy level in the body and helps in bringing clarity to thoughts


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