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In Vedic culture, Lord Ganesh is known as Pratham Pujya and is always worshipped before starting any Pooja or Homa. Lord Ganesh removes hurdles and obstacles in all endeavors that one takes up.


The Shastras say, performing Ganesh Puja at least once a year will give prosperity, health, wealth, and peace of mind to the individual who is performing it as per the Vedic texts. Ganesh Puja should be performed on all possible auspicious occasions be it starting a new project or even on one’s birthday.


Before starting any new venture or anything afresh, Ganesh Puja is a must. If one is suffering from losses, when starting a new business or investments or when one is getting married, or to remove obstacles or for the celebration of your or your child's birthday or on Graha Pravesh.


Benefits of Ganesh Puja:


·         It is performed during any auspicious beginning like commencing a business etc.

·         It improves family bonds.

·         It is performed to overcome ailments.

·         It is performed for achieving planned objectives without hindrance.

·         It is performed for education, marriage, health, and wealth.


Puja Description: Swasti Vaachan, Shaanti Path, Sankalp, Gauri-Ganesh Pujan, Kalash, Sankat Nashak Ganesh Stotra Paath, Ganesh Mantra Japa,  then Aarti, Prasad to Brahmins.


Prasadam:  The Yajmaan will receive a Ganesh Sahastranaam (Booklet) and a video recording covering the most important parts of the Puja and Prasad from the Puja.


Duration: 2 – 3 Hrs.

Number of Pundit/s: 1

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