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 Puja Flowers (Pushp/Phool) 

About the product: Comprises the holy combination of Bel Patra, Tulsi leaves, Doob, and flower offerings namely Marigold (Genda/Kapri Genda) and Chrysanthemum (Shevanti).

Marigold: Also known as Sthulapushpa, symbolizes trust in divinity and a will to overcome obstacles.

Chrysanthemum (Shevanti): known to overcome Bad omens.

Tulsi: Considered to be the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Doob: The Durva/Doob grass comprises three blades which represent Primal Devi Shakti, Primal Lord Shiva, and the primal Lord Ganesh. 

Bel Patra: The most loved offering of Lord Shiva.

Product Info

1 fig of Bel Patra, Tulsi and Doob (Durva) each.10-12 yellow/Orange/Red Genda and Shevanti and/or other seasonal flowers.

Product Code: A008

Subscription availability: monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly.

Country of Origin: India

Product policy

The product image is for representational purposes only and actual product size may differ. The combination of flowers and shrubs is subject to seasonal availability.

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