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Arti Diya


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Whether it's a festival or not any pooja is not complete without Diya's. Diya is made in the traditional way and brings a touch of Peace to the puja! The Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp is traditionally known as diya. This Oil lamp is used since ancient times as a decoration and a source of light. The lamp is filled with ghee or oil, you place a cotton wick inside and light it to fill the with light. The lamps are used as a part of Festivals as well. The Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp is fully designed and crafted in India, making it a truly authentic diya. The brass diya can be used regularly. The design of the diya is made with safety measures. Plus, there are feet to it that help to keep the diya stable to avoid spilled oil. Even when unlighted, the diya is a gorgeous addition to the decor of any room. The Brass lamp has been carefully engraved, giving it a unique texture. Because the lamp is made from solid brass, it has a warm golden color that glows and satisfies one's inner- self. 

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