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The Santana Gopal Puja is helpful if there are obstacles or delays in begetting a child and some complications/obstacles that arise during pregnancy. Santana Gopala Puja is performed for childless couples as per Vedic texts. Those who are expecting a child can also perform this Puja for a healthy and intelligent child. It is said that after performing this Puja, one will be blessed with a child, as per Vedic texts. Those who wish progeny, success in endeavors, worldly enjoyment, and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this Puja.


Puja Description: Swasti Vaachan, Shanti Path, Sankalp, Gauri-Ganesh Pujan, Kalash Pujan, Lakshmi-Narayan Sthapan, Santaan Gopal Mantra Japa, Santaan Gopal Stotra Recitation, Aarti and Prasad to Brahmins.


Mantra: || Devakisuta Govind Jagatpate Dehi Me Tanayam Krishna Twamaham Sharanam Gatah: ||


A number of Vedic Pundit/s: 2.

Duration: 4 – 5 Hrs.

Cost: Rs. 7,001/-


Prasadam:  The Yajmaan will receive a Baal or Santaan Gopal Yantra and a video recording covering the most important parts of the Puja and Prasad from the Puja.

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