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Sunderkaand Paath


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Sunderkaand is the fifth chapter of Ramayana. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman who is perhaps the best example of Dasa Bhakti, for his devotion to Shri Ram. Sunderkaand narrates the journey of Lord Hanuman to Lanka in search of Devi Sita.

For his dedication and devotion to Shri Ram, Devi Sita blesses Lord Hanuman as the bestower / granter of Ashta Siddhi (eight great perfections) and Nav Niddhi (nine types of treasures) upon human beings. Hence worshipping Lord Hanuman confers mental and physical health, wealth, peace and happiness, all kinds of fears are dispelled and a person lives a life of contentment.

USPs of Performing Puja through Puja Sanskar:

Quality Pandits

We provide quality pandits who can perform this Puja as per the proper procedures.

One Time Initial online booking amount to be paid

Not a Single Rupee is to be paid or spent after booking the Puja with us.

Advance Bookings on first come first serve basis

Puja Booking can be done months in advance before the actual Puja date.

Reach Out To the Best In Puja/Worship

Now you can book your Shiv Mahapuran Mool Paath Parayan with us as you are directly communicating with the company, Puja Sanskar.

Consumable Samagri will be left back after Puja

The entire consumable samagri will be left at your place except the photo frames, havan kund, chowki and utensils once the Sunderkaand Paath completed.


        1)-NO OF PUNDITS; 2

2) - DURATION OF PUJA;  3-4 hrs


a)- To check directions & Clean the  area with gangajal

b) - Preparation & Decoration

c) - Vidhi & Puja Proceedings

d) - Aarti & Bhojan


 a) - Dhotis will be provided

b) - Envelope (Dakshina)

c) - Clients Testimonial

d) - Next day/ same day wrap up

e) - Samagiri to be given to the client / bring back the same.

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