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Why do we fast during Navratri


Navratri is one of the most auspicious times of the year. Devotees offer prayers to Devi Durga and many people observe fast during the time of this festival. There is a strong belief in the minds of the people that by keeping fast it shows one’s devotion and piety towards Devi Durga and also fulfils all their aspirations and wishes. The auspicious festival of Navratri is dedicated to the 9 divine forms of Devi Durga also known as Nava Durga.

Some of the Vidhis, rituals and practices which were put forward by our ancestors are now lost with time, transformed or might have changed according to the comfort level of the people.

Now we will be highlighting the advantages of fasting.

1. According to some therapists they believe that fasting has the capacity to instill virtues like self-discipline and calmness.

2. The Sattvik food being alkaline in nature when consumed by the devotees during the time of the festival helps in tackling the digestive fire and burns away the accumulated toxins from the body.

4. It also acts as a peace booster by enabling us to stay away from the regular overburdened cravings.

5. It is advised that during fasting one should involve themselves in certain meditating activities. It can turn out to be really helpful for reducing stress levels on both the mental and physical levels.

6. The current food habits and the fast paced lifestyle creates hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

7. Fasting and spiritual practices like mediation, pranayama, yoga plays an important role in the lives of great personalities. Whereby they were more focused, free from anxiety and had a very positive outlook in their lives. Personalities like Swami Vivekananda etc.

The duration of Navratri always falls at the time of seasonal changes, which is also said to be the time when our body has low immunity and the possibility of becoming sick increases. Therefore, all the negative energies absorbed will be kept away through fasting. 

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